Yoyi Digital Received The“AD STAR 2020·Top Innovative Marketing Impact"

Author:悠易互通 Release time:2020-10-26
On October 22nd, the 13th AD STAR 2020 was held in Busan, South Korea. Affected by the pandemic of COVID-19, the activity was changed to hold online. The total entries are 20,028 pieces from 60 countries. As the leader of China's omnichannel intelligent marketing platform, Yoyi Digital won the 2020 Global Top Innovative Marketing Impact with the showcase of Mobil 1st party data activation campaign. YOYI fully demonstrates its outstanding influence in global digital marketing field.


Influenced by pandemic of COVID-19, automobile industry facing severe impact from both transportation limitation and oil reduction agreement. ExxonMobil as the leading aftermarket lubrication brand, knowing the brand awareness and exposure to customer matters anytime anywhere. In the meantime, ExxonMobil starts up to build its own CDP (customer data platform) for digital transformation purpose. A prove of concept campaign with YOYI become urgent.
  1. Brand awareness: It’s important to keeping contact with your customer with updated product, good industrial news and core competition differentiation. A regular brand exposure to them strengthen the brand image.
  2. Click through rate: A retargeting campaign is different from a prospecting campaign. A better CTR performance indicates your customer are more acceptable and willing to know your brand.
CDP (customer data platform) became a hot word among these years, more and more brands started to build their own CDP for digital transformation purpose. ExxonMobil wants to collect data from all online campaigns and analyze their customers with further marketing communication. YOYI proposed a prove of concept campaign by retargeting 2019 Mobil 1 campaign customers and post back both ad performance data and varies targeting dimension tags to ExxonMobil CDP.
Phase 1: YOYI prepared 2019 Mobil 1 campaign impression UV segment for this retargeting campaign. YOYI built the H5 landing page for ExxonMobil with tracking pixel on each button.
Phase 2: YOYI split budget for different city tiers, ad formats and media to test performance from all dimensions. On H5, YOYI track down interactions of 4 buttons which indicates customer interest preference.
Phase 3: YOYI post back campaign clickers device ID to ExxonMobil CDP along with multi-dimension tags to enrich data asset.
Phase 1: Connect to awareness customer from former campaign by using retargeting technology.
Phase 2: Connect ad performance and landing page interaction by using tracking pixel technology solution.
Phase 3: Connect to ExxonMobil CDP by post back campaign clickers’ device ID with varies customer tags to enrich data asset.
Data driven campaign designation meets the core demand of ExxonMobil.
Activity effect:
  1. Impression total campaign achieved 109%.
  2. Click through rate increased 47% than planned.
  3. Landing rate average achieved 52.4%
  4. Learn more button clicker achieved 50.8% among 4 buttons. VIP event participation rate increased 81% than regular.  


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