The Art of Intelligent Marketing: Yoyi Digital is continually pushing for the technologies into a new era after another in the digital marketing space

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All over the world, marketing professionals are working hard to get more out of their available data using reliable marketing tools. Many companies are turning to platforms powered by artificial intelligence as it tends to make data more sensible and helps to get more insights about customer behaviors, opportunistic content, and emotional triggers to inspire conversions.

The power of AI in marketing solutions offer ways to bridge the gap between analytics and how strategies are being executed. The process of sifting through and analyzing vast dumps of data is now easy, which was once an impossible process. Thanks to companies like Yoyi Digital, a company which is reshaping the marketing spectrum using the power of AI, so its customers can create better and more seamless digital marketing strategies.

Founded in 2007, YOYI has built a leading team with expertise in data science and machine learning technologies, and with over a decade of research and development, has been awarded a high number of related patents in data management, audience insight, and cross-screen delivery. Leading the advancement of the Martech industry in China, YOYI prides itself on helping brands fulfill their multi-screen, multi-function, multi-audience needs.

The Intelligent Marketing Platform

The AI driven programmatic platform, YOYI PLUS, a multi-screen programmatic buying platform, featured by extensive inventory across PC, mobile, OTV, OTT (Connected TV) and DOOH. Daily PV is above 24 billion. Its unique solution of OTT MAX, working with Samsung, Hisense and Konka to integrate over 20 million of big screens over 60 inches, helps our advertisers to reach high-end households more efficiently.

Talking about its Strong data capabilities, it covers 1.5 billion mobile device IDs, 500 million cookies, 200 million OTT device IDs and comprehensive tags to profile both individual and household audience. It uses AI algorithms for ID graphing across screens, bidding strategy, dynamic creatives, CTR/CVR predictions, etc.

The Consumer Data Platform, YOYI DataBank helps clients to YOYI DataBank manage and activate first party data, to enhance consumer engagement on owned media and improve advertising efficiency on paid media. YOYI DataBank is supported by YOYI’s strong data management capabilities, AI technologies and intuitive integration with YOYI’s programmatic buying platform and MA platform.

The Marketing Automation platform, YOYI HUB helps clients to manage and optimize consumer experience across multiple channels, with automated workflow and improved efficacy.

By combining the three solutions, YOYI helps advertisers improve media efficiency and consumer engagement, and ultimately drive business growth.

Roy Zhou is the CEO of Yoyi Digital. He spoke about the company in an exclusive interview with The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

How do you bridge the gap between offline and online marketing services?

Our focus is on online services. But we also leverage our data capabilities to bridge the gap between offline and online. Based on our location information, we can achieve online retargeting of DOOH ad audience. And based on location data, we can analyze the offline consumption scenario of the audience and deliver more relevant content online.

Is online presence an integral part of the marketing campaign? How can a business choose the right advertising avenue?

Yes, it is. Based on the media preference of the target audience and marketing priorities, the advertisers can choose different avenues. We have a planning tool to help advertisers analyze the media consumption of the target audience to generate a proper media mix for the advertisers.

What are the anticipated trends in the marketing segment?

  • More screens would be digitalized, expanding new avenues for programmatic buying
  • Demand for first-party data platform (DMP/CDP) will increase to manage consumer experience across touch points
  • The power of AI will be widely used in marketing
  • Transparency and data security protection will still remain the primary concern

Tell us about your content development. What are the factors that will contribute to the engagement level?

We have developed our content management system to manage creatives, landing pages, and other content related to advertising. Our AI capability enables automatic creation of ad contents, to cater to different target groups and marketing scenarios. The relevance of the material to the target audience is one of the key drivers to enhance engagement. Other factors also include color, layout, headlines, and benefits, as described in the content.

There have been cases where companies have performed actions that seemed callous as a result of AI. How can we overcome this hurdle?

We use AI mainly for ID graphing, consumer analysis, CTR/CVR prediction, and personalization engine, with the goal to produce/present more relevant content to the consumers in the right context. We don’t use AI to communicate directly to the consumers.

How do you deal with the “never-ending change” in digital transformation?

One on hand, we are always sensitive to the upcoming market trends and prepare ourselves ahead of the trends. In China, we always lead the market trend. We are the first to introduce “multi-screen programmatic buying”, to bring OTT to programmatic buying and among the first few to launch CDP in the market. On the other hand, what we stay unchanged is our vision of making marketing better. No matter what change happens in the market, as long as it serves the goal, we are open to change. Finally, change is the only thing that never changes, so keep the team/organization vibrant and agile.

Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We have upgraded our advertising cloud products with the new feature of trading desk on April.

It will help advertisers to manage different programmatic channels to bring more efficiency and transparency. Next, our marketing automation platform, HUB, would also be launched soon, to help advertisers manage the consumer experience with owned media.


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