YOYI is recognized as the 2020 Brand Partner Top50 by PangJing ThinkTank

Author:悠易互通 Release time:2020-03-17

PangJing ThinkTank officially released the 2020 research results on marketing industry innovation of 《Brand Partner 20 | 50》. Recognized for its continual leadership and innovation in the field of MarTech, YOYI is selected as a top 50 Cool Company.
The core competiveness of《Brand Partner 20 | 50》is to understand the fundamental needs of marketers, through wide collection and research of vital information from representative marketing entities. Since its establishment, PangJing ThinkTank works intimately with leading brands, media platforms and marketing innovators to lead joint research and analysis on trend-setting marketing cases. As a result, PangJing ThinkTank have become the premier media marketing platform for brand partners.

What is 《Brand Partner 20 | 50》?
Theever changing landscape of the marketing industry have shaped the core mission of PangJing ThinkTank. With emergence of new service platforms and increased maturation from marketers demanding deeper solutions, there is a growing need in the industry to shift through the clutter and complexities of a rapid changing environment. And shine focus on effective solutions and innovations that work for brand partners. PangJing ThinkTank launched the Research of Brand Partner 20 | 50, in order to support brands to choose the highest quality partners to drive their business growth.
Brand Partner 20 | 50’s research is based on detailed evaluation of 287 marketing service providers, including the leading representative companies, and marketers from the top 10 industries. On the basis of key data indicators and industry feedback as judged across seven main categories, the top marketing service providers to watch out for were selected. These top 50 cool companies represent the most innovative, disruptive entities both transforming and leading the market industry into a new era of rapid growth.

How did Yoyi Digital Select as Brand Partner TOP 50 Cool Company?
In the current landscape, the use of data and technology has become the key competitive differentiators among companies looking to survive and grow in the new digital era. Yoyi Digital is a global leader in AI driven marketing solutions and recognized internationally as a platform with constant innovation and consistent marketing effectiveness. Yoyi Digital has built a leading team with expertise in data science and machine learning technologies. And with its extensive solution stack, YOYI has successfully supported brands to execute “customer-centric”digital strategies that are multi-screen, multi-function, and multi-audience.
hrough years of experience and development, YOYI has built the leading product stack for marketing solutions driven by AI technologies. This includes YOYI PLUS, the market’s first AI driven programmatic platform, YOYI DataBank, an industry leading CDP user management platform, and YOYI HUB, a top consumer engagement platform. Through utilizing and integration of all three Martech platforms, YOYI has successfully supported marketers in Auto, FMCG, 3C, and other industries to reach consumers in a programmatic and personalized manner, leading to significant growth and results for each Advertiser.
Starting last year,YOYI has become hyper-focused in developing its strategies towards advertising cloud, data cloud and marketing cloud, leading to a complete omnichannel intelligent product stack. This has helped enable enterprises to execute personalized campaigns surrounding consumers’ journey, data management and diversified cross screen advertising.

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