Yoyi Digital is a global leader in AI driven marketing solutions. Possessing proprietary, award winning AI technology and a massive scale of exclusive audience data, YOYI has been recognized internationally as a platform with constant innovation and consistent marketing effectiveness. Founded in 2007, Yoyi has built a leading team with expertise in data science and machine learning technologies, and with over a decade of research and development, has been awarded a high number of related patents in data management, audience insight, and cross-screen delivery. Leading the advancement of the Martech industry in China, YOYI prides itself in helping brands fulfill their multi-screen, multi-function, multi-audience needs. 

Among YOYI’s many milestones in the China market, top highlights include: launching the market’s first AI driven programmatic platform YOYI PLUS in 2012, introducing the concept and capability of cross-screen programmatic buying in 2013, initiating and building-up China’s first data management platform YOYI DataBank in 2014, and taking the lead to enter the OTT field, introducing the first OTT programmatic platform in 2015. Moving into 2018, YOYI has continued to upgrade these various platforms, elevating YOYI DataBank to create a dedicated CDP user management platform for enterprises. By integrating all platforms and technologies, YOYI is currently the only one-stop intelligent marketing platform to truly realize cross-screen strategies: PC, Mobile, Online Television, OTT in China’s market. 

As a result, YOYI has executed over 1000 successful campaigns for both branding and performance focused clients, including Coca-Cola, Dyson, Audi, Toyota, Kimberly-Clark, Budweiser, Haier, and Shell. Hats with many influential awards recognizing YOYI’s achievements and contributions, YOYI is the most proud of: being recognized as “Red Herring Global Top 100 Enterprise” by the internationally renowned investment trend magazine Red Herring, Asia’s most impactful advertising company as recognized by Busan International Advertising Festival, and was the first Chinese Martech company invited to the Cannes International Festival for Marketing. With its leading influence in the China market, YOYI is continually pushing for the technologies into a new era after another in the digital marketing space.





  • BEIJING (Headquarter)

    12/F South Building,Zhonghai Plaza,NO.8,Guanghua Dongli,Jianguomen Outer Street,Chaoyang District,Beijing.




    Room 4902-03, BM InterContinental Business Center, 100 Yutong Road, Jingan District, Shanghai



    Room 3807, Fuli Yingxin Mansion, No. 28, Huaxia Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou



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